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Spectrum Analyzer
Model Type Description
SRF5030 Optional Near Field kit includes: Four near-field probes; Frequency range: 30 MHz~ 3 GHz; horizontal resolution 25 mm; SMA-to-N adapter, cable, and carrying case for EMI/Pre-compliance measurements.
N-BNC-2L Optional N-to-BNC cable
N-N-6L Optional N-N cable, 6GHz bandwidth
N-SMA-6L Optional N-SMA cable, 6GHz bandwidth
UKitSSA3X Optional Utility Kit: N (M) -SMA (M) cable, N (M) -N (M) cable, N (M) -BNC (F) adaptor (2 pcs), N (M) -SMA (F) adaptor (2 pcs) 10 dB attenuator
RBSSA3X20 Optional Reflection/VSWR measurement kit : Activation license for Reflection/VSWR kit (Refl-SSA3000X), Return Loss Bridge (1 MHz~2 GHz), N-type(M) to N-type(M) adaptor (2 pcs)
EMI-SSA3000X Optional Activation license for the EMI measurement kit. Includes Quasi-peak detector, RBW bandwidths of 200/9k/120kHz, and a 6dB filter used for EMI Pre-compliance measurements.
AMK-SSA3000X Optional Activation license for the Advanced measurement kit that includes Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Total Power, Third-Order-Intercept, and an onscreen waterfall/spectrum analysis chart.
TG-SSA3000X Optional Activation license for the Tracking Generator Kit.
Refl-SSA3000X Optional Activation license for the Reflection/VSWR measurement kit.
BAG-SCC Optional Soft Carry Case for SDS1000CFL, SDS2000, SDS2000X, SDS1000X/X+, SSA3000X.
Resources CD Standard accessories CD (Including Quick Start, Data Sheet and Application Software)
USB cable Standard accessories Standard USB cable.
Quick Start Standard Printed Quick Start Guide (English)
Power cord Standard Power cord designed for use with the instrument in the country of operation. Available separately.

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